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Things to Do in Seattle / Tacoma


Seattle is a metro hub of city and nightlife from a plethora of restaurants to a vibrant music scene and it’s the regional center for performing arts. There is always something to do in the Seattle / Tacoma area. Come explore the Emerald City.
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  2. Festivals
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  4. Weekend Excursions

Event Calendars

Since the Seattle area is the regional center for performing arts, there is something for everyone from music and museums to broadway shows, ballet and more.


Festivals are offered year-round in the Seattle area. Some have been around for decades and others are new additions. And the holidays offer family fun around the Sound.

Wine & Dine

Seattle area cuisine offers an array of flavors from cheap eats to decadant desserts, to wine bars, pubs, and high-end fare. Your tastebuds will be happy.

Weekend Excursions

Discover fun weekend getaway trips around the great Pacific Northwest.

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