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Best Seattle Pizza

Explore Seattle / Tacoma's Diverse Pizza Universe


With a minimal Italian population, you’d hardly expect the Seattle area to be world-famous for its pizza. Chicago has its deep dish and New York its thin crust, and even places like Connecticut, St. Louis, and New Jersey have distinctive pizza styles and reputations.

But Northwest pizza is actually liberated from these rules. You like it thick and hearty with a ton of fresh ingredients on top? You got it. Prefer an Old World experience? We got that too.

What unify the Northwest pizza scene are friendly, laid-back atmospheres, a selection of great microbrews, and plenty of innovation. Come find your pizza.

Northlake Tavern

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Northlake is one of Seattle’s oldest establishments and a staple of North Lake Union. Located on the south edge of the University District, Northlake is a magnet for hungry students. But this isn’t the typical college area pizza that sacrifices quality for low cost and late hours. Northlake is almost overly generous with high-quality ingredients—you will not leave hungry. Unfortunately, this is a 21-and-up establishment. 

Piecora’s Pizza

Capitol Hill
The pizzas may tell you that you’re in New York. The roomy booths, microbrews by the pitcher, and a friendly wait staff remind you that you’re still in Seattle (if there’s a big Mariners or Seahawks game on, expect a large, rowdy crowd). Opt for the extra thin crust for the full New York experience. Piecora’s also lets you order by the half-pie, which is perfect for two. They deliver throughout the Central District and Capitol Hill.

The Rock

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Tacoma, Lacey, Federal Way, Renton, and more
While The Rock may look like a Tacoma's version of a Hard Rock Café, the pizza is more than just a gimmick. The wood-fired oven imbues the pizza with a complex smoky flavor, and there are some great, creative pies among the 25 specialty pizzas—with “rock” related names that vary from clever to corny. Try the lunch buffet, which lets you sample a surprising number of these great pizzas. The Rock is expanding their franchise quickly with ten locations, and more on the way in B.C.

Pagliacci Pizza

U-District, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Bellevue
Pagliacci is western Washington’s flagship pizza chain, with six dine-in pizzerias and fifteen delivery-only locations, covering most of Seattle and Bellevue. Despite the ubiquity, they’ve remained beloved by Seattlites, who keep Pagliacci on speed-dial. For delivery, try the simple, classy Margherita or the Salumi Pepperoni (yes, that Salumi). For dine-in, try to hit the happy hour, where you can snag a free drink with your slice.

Stellar Pizza and Ale

With neighborhoods like Ballard racing up-scale, Georgetown is a laid-back treat that hearkens back to Seattle before the high-tech boom of the '90s. Stellar offers great pizza in a casual, funky atmosphere. The pizza is heavy and loaded with fresh ingredients. If you’ve got the kids, consider The Beanie (lots of pepperoni, extra cheese). For date night, try The Carelton (goat cheese, mushrooms, garlic). Be warned, the advertised 25-30 minutes wait time for a pie is not an exaggeration. It's worth the wait.

Via Tribulani

Fremont, Belltown, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Georgetown
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the classy, Neapolitan-style Via Tribulani. Every effort has been made to create an immersive continental dining environment: from all-Italian imported ingredients to a real wood-fire oven, a deep and adventurous, all-Italian wine list (no beer, alas), and a menu that spells it pizze. There are now five locations, but try to get to the original on Pike, with its brick walls, stained glass, and towering ceilings.

Serious Pie

If Tribulani does gourmet pizza Italian-style, Serious Pie shows that the Old World does not have a monopoly on artisan pizza. From local celeb chef Tom Douglas, Serious Pie offers highfalutin pizzas like the Yukon Gold Potato Pizza and Penn Cove Clam Pizza, but the standout is actually the basic home-made Mozzarella and Tomato pizza. The weekday happy hour here is a great deal, with $5 half pies and $3 drafts. In the evening, expect a long wait to get a table.

Flying Squirrel Pizza

Seward Park
No, there’s no actual squirrel meat pizza on this menu (disappointed? This is probably your kind of place). But this hidden gem, only a few blocks from Seward Park in residential southeast Seattle, offers maybe the best balanced pizza in town. Arty adventurous pies on delicious charred crusts served in hearty doses and a warm neighborhood atmosphere. Flying Squirrel includes local ingredients from Zoe’s Meats, Salumi, local farms, and Molly Moon’s ice cream. And how can you not love a place that lets you bring in your own cassette mix tape? If there's one pizzeria that combines everything that's great about Seattle pizza, this is it.

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