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Seattle November Events Calendar

What to Do in the Seattle Area in November


After Midnight: The Film Noir Cycle
With SIFF Cinema falling into dismally infrequent screenings and the Northwest Film Forum embracing doc and music-heavy programming, the Seattle Art Museum may just be the city’s best film repertory venue. SAM’s dependable theatre-packer has always been its noir series. Understandably, SAM returns to the well frequently, but admirably they reach far and wide for some very rarely seen gems of the genre. The most notable title this round is Nightmare Alley with Tyrone Power, but for the noir-lover, all are worth your time.
Where: Seattle Art Museum
When: November 11, 18
How much: $60 series pass, $8 general admission

Election Day
Just because you’re not voting for President doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty at stake. See our Election Guide for more details.
Where: Your mailbox
When: Mail by November 2
How much: Free

Harry Potter: The Exhibition
The last two movies are tantalizingly close to arrival. The kids have all the books, Lego toys, scarfs, and accessories. What else can sate their Potter appetite? Try the Pacific Science Center’s Harry Potter Exhibition, a traveling gallery of original props from the films, art, and interactive games. For the hardcore Potter fan only, which means pretty much every kid in town. Get your tickets early.
Where: Pacific Science Center
When: October 23 through January 30
How much: $14 adults, $9 youth

Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris
Seattle Art Museum is playing host to a very special touring collection of Picassos from now until January 17. The Musee National Picasso in Paris is closed for renovation and is allowing the touring of major works from the great 20th century master. The collection includes The Two Brothers, Man With a Guitar, Head of a Bull, and The Bathers. This will likely be your only opportunity to see any of these works outside of Paris for the rest of your life. One of the truly great art events of the Northwest. Do not miss it.
Where: Seattle Art Museum
When: October 8-January 17
How much: $12 adult, $9 senior, kids under 13 free

Jacques Tourneur was one of the great B-movie directors and this late noir film is probably his last masterpiece. Tourneur provides the model for making the most of his microscopic budgets. Unlike Corman and other later B-filmmakers, Tourneur did not rely on camp. Instead, he used all the tricks at his disposable to manufacture genuine excitement and fear. Nightfall is no exception. Take it in at the Northwest Film Forum.
Where: Northwest Film Forum
When: November 5-11
How much: $9

Evil Dead: The Musical
Perfectly tailored for a Northwest audience, this musical adaptation of Sam Raimi’s cult-classic Evil Dead. Resist the temptation to bring the kids, as this is filled with raunchy jokes and lots of gore (the original film was rated NC-17). Yes, like a Gallagher show, the first few rows are considered a “splatter zone.”
Where: ArtsWest
When: October 20-Nov 13
How much: $32

Roman Polanski Short Films
Before becoming one of the best feature directors of the late 20th century (and becoming famous for his decades-long exile from the U.S.), Roman Polanski was a stellar short filmmaker. Highlights include “Break Up the Dance” an exercise in anarchy and the strange, touching “Two Men and a Wardrobe.”
Where: SIFF Cinema
When: November 11
How much: $12

Boxing Gym
Frederick Wiseman is a marvel. For decades he’s turned his camera on dozens of subjects: high school, hospitals, ballet, the zoo. He approaches his subjects with total humility and very little authorial voice. There’s no narration, no attempt to deliver a message. He merely observes and hopes that you observe along with him. If this sounds boring, it’s far from it. Join local gym owner Cappy for the premiere on Friday night at 9pm.
Where: Northwest Film Forum
When: November 12-18
How much: $9 general, $6 members

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