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Seattle October Events Calendar

What to Do in the Seattle Area in October


Seattle October Events Calendar

Issaquah Salmon Days

© Greater Issaquah Chamber of Commerce
October in Seattle is the point where you’re sure whether or not you really want to live here. A deceptively beautiful September gives way to the gray, wet weeks that the region is known for. When outdoor activities are harder to come by, the rich cultural depth of the Seattle area is appreciated even more.

Ken Follett Book Reading
For a writer of dense, complex thousand-page books, Ken Follett is enjoying quite a rock star moment. His Pillars of the Earth is a much-discussed cable miniseries (though on Starz it doesn’t enjoy the same audience as an HBO or Showtime series), and his new book is the first in an American trilogy. Reviews have been very strong, so expect literate Seattle to give Follett a hero’s welcome. Town Hall is a great venue and highly recommended to fans of the author.
Where: Town Hall
When: October 1
How much: $5 general admission

Rush Hour: Dvořák’s Symphony No. 7
Want your classical dose delivered early so you have the rest of your Friday evening free? The Seattle Symphony understands and is offering a "Rush Hour" series of concerts that start at 7pm, have no intermission, and feature a happy hour starting at 5:30. The material (one of Dvořák’s best) and personnel (Schwarz and company) are the same, the pace is just a little more your style. (A more traditional presentation of the same symphony is offered Oct. 2).
Where: Benaroya Hall
When: October 1
How much: $14-$77

Issaquah Salmon Days Festival
The returning of the salmon from the sea is not mere curiosity to Northwesterners, it is essential to our way of life. Issaquah celebrates the homecoming best, with the two-day Salmon Festival, a festival that draws around 200,000 each year. Highlights include the Grand Parade, a 10K/5K fun run, tons of food and craft vendors, and tours of the downtown Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. Nice if the weather is clear, but really all the more authentic if it’s gray and misty.
Where: Downtown Issaquah
When: October 2 and 3
How much: Free

After Midnight: The Film Noir Cycle
With SIFF Cinema falling into dismally infrequent screenings and the Northwest Film Forum embracing doc and music-heavy programming, the Seattle Art Museum may just be the city’s best film repertory venue. SAM’s dependable theatre-packer has always been its noir series. Understandably, SAM returns to the well frequently, but admirably they reach far and wide for some very rarely seen gems of the genre. The most notable title this round is Nightmare Alley with Tyrone Power, but for the noir-lover, all are worth your time.
Where: Seattle Art Museum
When: October 14, 21, 28
How much: $60 series pass, $8 general admission

Silent Movie Mondays: Silent Crime Spree
Trader Joe’s continues to sponsor their diverse Silent Movie Monday series at the Paramount. This year the program includes some of silent cinema’s darkest crime dramas, including Josef von Sternberg’s masterpiece Underworld. For the film-lover who thinks silent movies are all pratfalls or the gangster film aficionado who thinks they have seen everything. Not a bad seat in the house and organist Jim Riggs is top notch. Highly recommended.
Where: Paramount Theatre
When: October 4, 11, 18, 25
How much: $12 general admission

Hitchcock Masterpieces
SIFF Cinema capitalizes on their booking of the Belgian film Double Take, which features imagery of Hitchcock, by presenting four of the master’s greatest films: The Birds, The Man Who Knew Too Much, North by Northwest and Vertigo. As always, with SIFF expect the best-possible prints and the best projection in town. You really can’t revisit these great films too many times, and anyone who has missed one of these for whatever reason has the perfect opportunity.
Where: SIFF Cinema - Seattle Center
When: October 8-11
How much: $10 general admission

Harry Potter: The Exhibition
The last two movies are tantalizingly close to arrival. The kids have all the books, Lego toys, scarfs, and accessories. What else can sate their Potter appetite? Try the Pacific Science Center’s Harry Potter Exhibition, a traveling gallery of original props from the films, art, and interactive games. For the hardcore Potter fan only, which means pretty much every kid in town. Get your tickets early.
Where: Pacific Science Center
When: October 23 through January 30
How much: $14 adults, $9 youth

Tudor Choir: Songs of War and Heaven
Why is the Moore, site of some of Seattle’s best ground-breaking rock performances hosting an a cappella renaissance group? Perhaps you need to familiarize yourself with the medieval and renaissance music these folks perform. When warfare and pestilence were daily companions and the end of the world just around the corner, the music could get very dark and strange and also breathtakingly gorgeous. All are on display with Seattle’s vaunted Tudor Choir, who are featuring a new composition, Ingraham Marshall’s John Adams-esque Savage Altars.
Where: The Moore Theatre
When: October 16
How much: $21 general admission

Steven Wright
Possibly the driest comedian alive, Steven Wright continues to prove that his success is no gimmick. Disarmingly simple, Wright didn’t just master the one-liner, he transcended it into his own irony-laden Zen fortress. Proving the jester as wise man cliche all too true, Wright delivers insights we didn’t know we needed until we heard them. "I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time.’ So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance." –Steven Wright
Where: The Moore Theatre
When: October 20
How much: $27-$38

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