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Thanksgiving in Seattle

The Best Restaurants, Take Out, and Markets with Prepared Meals


Seattle-Tacoma Thanksgiving

Seattle-Tacoma Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that means many things to many people—family time, delicious food, or even a shopping bonanza the day after! Whether you intend to stay at home and make a full-course meal or head out to a restaurant, there are many ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving in Seattle and Tacoma.

Thanksgiving Recipes

If you plan to make your own Thanksgiving feast, you could go with the traditional Thanksgiving recipes, or switch the meal up a bit. Using primarily locally sourced ingredients is a great way to add a Pacific Northwest twist to your meal.

Eating out on Thanksgiving

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of making Thanksgiving dinner? Or worse, the clean up? Many restaurants in and around Seattle and Tacoma are prepared to do the work for you. You can often go an upscale route as well, making Thanksgiving not just a day of food, but a day of fine food. Expect twists on the traditional items, such as herbed stuffing or mashed potatoes with tasty and artistic additions.

In Seattle, there are many Thanksgiving options. For a casual, fun, but creative atmosphere, look to Sazerac downtown next to the Hotel Monaco. If you want an amazing view to go with your dinner, Rview has one of the best views in town. Want a seafood twist to your Thanksgiving? Ponti Seafood Grill may be for you. Or if you want to go with an Italian atmosphere, Maggiano’s in Bellevue and Buca di Beppo in Seattle are both great options. McCormick’s, with a couple locations to choose from, is also a fine choice.

In Tacoma, there are several options at some of the best restaurants in town. Stanley and Seafort’s has a full traditional meal as does the Pacific Grill.

Many of these restaurants charge $39.99 per person and up. If you want to go out, but need a cheaper price tag, downhome chain restaurants like Shari’s also serve up a nice Thanksgiving feast for much cheaper.

Thanksgiving Take Out

Dining out for Thanksgiving is not for everyone. If you want to eat at home, but don’t want to cook, take out may be the way to go. Several restaurants offer take out specifically for Thanksgiving.

In Seattle, Pasta and Co at 4622 26th Avenue NE; Il Corvo at 1501 Western Avenue; Kau Kau BBQ and Seafood Restaurant at 656 S King Street; the Fish Club at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel; and the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue all offer take-out options, generally for 4+ people.

Thanksgiving Prepared Meals at Local Supermarkets

Another great option for takeout is to look toward your local supermarkets. Seattle and Tacoma both have some extraordinary options for upscale markets that serve up delicious Thanksgiving meals.

In all Puget Sound cities, the usual grocery stores almost all have great package deals. Albertson’s, Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Top Food and Drug all have meals designed for 4 to 8 people, often with a few customizable side dishes. Metropolitan Market is also in several cities and has one of the best Thanksgiving meals around, but costs a bit more than other chains at around $90 versus about $40.

In Seattle, less standard markets with meals include the Ballard Market, Central Market, Madison Market, Whole Foods, and PCC Natural Market.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Just because vegetarians and vegans aren’t interested in turkey and ham doesn’t mean they should have to sit this meal out or eat rolls and side dishes for dinner!

For dining out, Café Flora has both vegan and gluten-free options. Carmelita has full vegan and vegetarian meals and/or side dishes.

For take out, Whole Foods, Silence-Heart-Nest and Madison Market all offer vegan or vegetarian main courses and side dishes.

Black Friday Shopping

Of course, the day after Thanksgiving is just as important as the day itself for those out to get the best gadgets at rock-bottom prices or a pair of jeans for $10! Seattle, Tacoma, and everywhere in between starts off the holiday season right, with a little bit of shopping madness. Area malls and shopping centers, from Tacoma Mall to Northgate, almost all open early in the morning, and most have door buster sales just waiting to be discovered.

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