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Seattle April Events Calendar

What to Do in the Seattle Area This April


Seattle April Events Calendar

The Gold Rush

SIFF Cinema

We're finally turning the corner into spring in Seattle. Put your tax refund to good use and get out and enjoy yourself. Some of the best events and other things to do in Seattle in April:

The kids been building up an insane amount of energy all winter? Well bring them down to the Seattle Center House and unleash them on the biggest collection of inflatable slides, bounce houses, and ball pits they'll ever see. Only pre-teen children are admitted, so you don't have to worry about surly teenagers.
When: April 8 - 24
Where: Seattle Center
How much: $7.50, Toddler Zone $4.50

Moisture Festival
While the internet, movies-on-demand, and video games move high entertainment into our living rooms (and away from each other), Seattle’s Moisture Festival pushes in the opposite direction. Assembling some of the world’s best variety and burlesque performers, the festival is a look at what life without TV might look like. Both family-friendly (Variete) and risqué (Burlesque) are offered, as well as a short film series with live opening acts. Viva Vaudeville!
Where: ACT Theatre, Hale’s Brewery, SIFF Cinema and more
When: March 17 - April 10
How much: $10 - $20

Now that both Danny Boyle and his once-muse are Hollywood institutions (in Boyle’s case, Oscar-winning), it’s easy to forget just what a breath of fresh air they both seemed back in 1996 when Trainspotting burst onto American screens. So Scottish it had to be re-dubbed in a watered down accent acceptable to the domestic ear, Trainspotting was (and is) the definitive heroin movie, both authentic-feeling and yet not at all depressing. Ultimately, it’s an ode to life and one that has not faded with the passing years.
Where: SIFF
When: April 8
How much: $10 general admission

American Heart: The Films of Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges is that rare, late-maturing character actor too-long trapped in a leading man’s pretty face. He certainly captivated in his early films like Last Picture Show, Fearless, and The Fischer King,but it was the Coen brothers who discovered, with The Big Lebowski, that if you roughed up Bridges’s exterior you got a particularly captivating result. SAM dedicates eight weeks in April through early June to some of the highlights of his career. Don’t miss Last Picture Show or John Huston’s rarely seen masterwork, Fat City. Lebowski is likely to attract a downright comic book convention atmosphere.
Where: Seattle Art Museum
When: April 7 - June 2
How much: $8

The Frye Art Museum is maybe Seattle's most underrated cultural institution. At once traditional and adventurous, small enough to digest in an afternoon but much more than a gallery, and-best of all-it's always free. The Frye was founded by local meat-packing magnates, Charles and Emma Frye, and this program recreates the content and the atmosphere of their early 1900s home collection.
Where: Frye Museum
When: Through January 2012
How much: Free

9 to 5: The Musical
9 to 5 was a landmark film, in which women of three different social and economic backgrounds all stood up against workplace sexual harassment. While the American workplace is hardly perfect, it has changed dramatically since 1980, rendering 9 to 5 just a little bit dated. And while any production will miss the likes of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the all-Dolly score and the 5th Aves very high batting average make this a difficult show to pass up.
Where: 5th Ave Theatre
When: April 5 - 24
How much: $23 - $68

Chaplin at SIFF Cinema
Charles Chaplin is just a little bit out of vogue these days. In today’s culture he seems to have faded into something of a relic of his times, like flagpole-sitting and the Charleston. Let’s set the record straight: there’s no 20th century artist who can claim a body of work superior to Chaplin’s. He was the Beatles of cinema, at once it’s greatest practitioner and it’s most popular. He was the most famous human being of his era, perhaps ever. And he figured out a way to make films that were both belly-laugh hilarious and breathtakingly beautiful. This wonderful opportunity to see nearly all of his major works should not be missed.
Where: SIFF Cinema
When: April 15 - 21
How much: $10 general admission

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