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Tacoma Events and Festivals - January through June

The Best Things To Do All Year Round in Tacoma


Tacoma Events

The Best Tacoma Events

Kristin Kendle

Tacoma events run the gamut. Whether you want a day out with the family, the perfect thing to do with a date, or a festival where you can spend the night at a campsite, there is a Tacoma event or festival for you.

Find more Tacoma festivals and events from July through December.

Tacoma Events in January, February, and March

Winter in Tacoma is a chilly and rainy time of year so you won't find many festivals or outdoors events going on. This is a great time of year to hit up the theaters and restaurants in downtown if you want to get out of the house. The Tacoma Home Show takes place in January each year and is a great stop if you are seeking remodeling ideas, gardening tips, and anything else to do with the house and home.

Tacoma Events in April

April is when the Tacoma festivals start to take off. The weather is (hopefully) warming up and the sun is just coming out of the clouds. To celebrate the dawning of spring, the Daffodil Festival shows off beautiful daffodil blossoms, parading them through the streets of Tacoma, Puyallup, and Orting, and along the Tacoma Waterfront.

The Puyallup Spring Fair also takes place this month, and is much like a smaller Puyallup Fair. Baby animals, fair food, rides and games, and shows make this event a lot of fun for everyone from families to couples.

Tacoma Events in May

The Tacoma Jazz and Blues Festival is a great event to check out in May. It takes place in downtown Tacoma and features local jazz and blues musicians in several cool restaurants and stages. Grab a tasty bite to eat, use the light rail to get around, and enjoy some tunes.

Tacoma Events in June

The Taste of Tacoma is one of the biggest and best Tacoma events anytime of year. At Point Defiance Park, you will find many restaurants and food vendors from the area selling selected dishes to show of the best of what they have to offer. After you choose your ideal meal or two, kick back on a towel in the grass and watch the free live concerts or stroll through the booths to see what kinds of arts and crafts are on offer.

Lakewood Summerfest (Lakewood) and the Maritime Gig Festival (Gig Harbor) are similar events in that they are outdoors, take place in parks, and there is plenty of food and entertainment, but these are much smaller than The Taste.

Other events in June include the Meeker Days in Puyallup, a family-friendly fun fair in old town Puyallup. The Sound to Narrows Run is a 12k run looping through Point Defiance Park, and also featuring shorter 5K and 2K events for younger participants.

Find more Tacoma festivals and events from July through December.

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