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Bumbershoot 2014

A Seattle Festival Celebrating Music, Art, Film, and More


Bumbershoot Seattle

Bumbershoot Seattle

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Bumbershoot is one of Seattle’s biggest and best festivals. In late summer each year, Bumbershoot takes to Seattle Center, bringing ample music, arts, and performances from film showings to comedy to dance shows. With a little bit of everything, Bumbershoot is a hit with festival fans. The event website states that this is the largest urban arts festival in the U.S.!

Bumbershoot is no new festival either. It first debuted in 1971 and has gone on every year since. Each year, there is a lineup of performers, including names both large and small. As time has gone on, the number of performances has grown from less than a dozen to closer to 100 in present times.

The very first Bumbershoot was called Festival ’71 and had some events you won’t see today, including a "Hot Pants Contest" and a logging show. Notable acts of past years include Jimmy Buffett (1975); Tina Turner (1982); Spinal Tap, Eurythmics, and Fleetwood Mac (1984); 10,000 Maniacs (1995); Sir Mix-A-Lot (1996); and Kanye West (2006). Hundreds and hundreds of well-known musicians have gone live on the stages of Bumbershoot.

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Location: Seattle Center

Bumbershoot 2014 Dates: August 30-September 1

Tickets gain you entry either for one day or for all three days of the festival. Tickets are cheaper if you buy them in advance.

Bumbershoot 2014 Lineup

Saturday, August 30:

Headliners include Wu-Tang Clan, Elvis Costello and Panic! At The Disco.

Sunday, August 31:

Headliners include The Head and The Heart, The Replacements, Los Lobos and Luscious Jackson.

Monday, September 1:

Headliners include Foster the People, J. Cole and Capital Cities.

For the full 2013 lineup, click here.

Why You Should Go and Tips

  • Tickets are cheaper if you buy online in advance.
  • Bring cash. There are ATMs, but lines can be long and ATMs often have fees.
  • There are plenty of food and drink vendors so you can stay for a while.
  • Beer gardens are also available.
  • Along with performances, many performers sign autographs at tables near the stages after performances.
  • Several stages keep the music going all day long.
  • Take public transportation in to avoid paying a lot for parking.
  • Some stages don’t have a lot of seating. If there’s a group you really want to see, try to plan ahead and beat out the crowds to make sure you get a seat.

Parking and Directions

Getting to Bumbershoot isn’t difficult given that it’s at Seattle Center. Many King County Metro bus routes stop along the perimeter of the 72-acre campus. There are bike racks located at 5th and Thomas, if you want to bike in.

You can also drive, but be aware that even though there are many parking lots all around Seattle Center, there are also a lot of other drivers heading to the festival. Parking rates usually go up and it can take some time to find a spot, especially later in the day. There are three parking garages on the Center’s perimeter (Mercer Garage, 1st Avenue North Garage, and 5th Avenue North Garage), as well as several pay lots on just about every block. Make sure to read signage carefully and bring cash if you intend to use these lots as many are unattended and cash only.

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