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The Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Conference in Seattle


Norwescon is a sci-fi and fantasy convention, usually held just to the south of Seattle in March or April. In 2014, Norwescon 37 will be held from April 17-20 with the theme: Elegance and Entropy. The conference is known for bringing in Guests of Honor from a variety of concentrations, including Writer Guest of Honor, Artists Guest of Honor, and Science Guest of Honor. The conference also presents the Philip K. Dick Award for the best original paperback novel of the previous year.

Beyond honors and awards, Norwescon is mostly a lot of fun. Plenty of gaming activities and an arcade, an art show, and a full schedule of discussions and presentations fill each of the days. While the main appeal of this conference is for sci-fi and fantasy fans, there is some wider appeal as well. Anyone who enjoys creating elaborate costumes or make-up, fiction writers, and artists will also find many kindred spirits here.

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Norwescon Location

DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport
18740 Pacific Highway South
SeaTac, WA 98188

Norwescon 37 Dates: April 17-20, 2014

Norwescon 37 Tickets

Pre-registration will get you a discount. Tickets can also be purchased at the door. Different days vary in cost, and the best deal for per-day cost is to buy a pass for the full weekend.


Panels and speakers: Learn about how to put the finishing touches on a costume, how to outline your next YA book, get tips on figure drawing, how to go goth for cheap, the finer points of steampunk, or listen to an author read a passage from her book. The variety of events going on each and every day of this conference is staggering, and ensures that there is something for everyone. There are even many topics that non-nerds will enjoy as well, including sessions almost every hour on topics that writers of many genres can benefit from.

Gaming: Gaming sessions are open to all attendees and feature a mindblowing array of games, including space for LARP sessions.

Dances: Each evening brings a dance complete with DJ and often a theme.

Masquerade: The Norwescon Masquerade is the best place to spot incredible costumes of all shapes and sizes. Everyone is welcome, but there are some standards and rules to follow for costumes.

Fannish Fetish Fashion Show: An 18+ fashion show that combines naughtiness with nerdiness.

Midnight Movies: The place to see classics like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and other films that play best at midnight.

Fandance Film Festival: A short-film festival (entries should be 10 minutes or less) featuring films from many genres, but especially sci-fi and fantasy.

Music: Each year brings a lineup of concerts and performances by mostly geek-centric musicians and bands.

Single Pattern Contest: Contestants take a clothing pattern chosen by Norwescon and modify it toward a specified goal.

Writers’ Workshop: Norwescon is not just for fans, but also for creators. Entries are accepted via electronic submission and are limited to short stories and novel excerpts. Entrants get a critique by professional writers and discussion sessions.

Art Work: Norwescon loves artists. An Art Show features the work of dozens of artists, while Artists’ Alley is a place where fans can meet the artists, listen to talks, and watch demonstrations.

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