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Thanksgiving Recipes for a Northwest Meal

Use Local Ingredients for Thanksgiving This Year


Want to create a Thanksgiving dinner with recipes and ingredients from the Northwest? With a bevy of incredible local ingredients available, this shouldn't be a problem. From main courses to side dishes, desserts to beverages, Northwest ingredients combine to create a full list of possible Thanksgiving recipes.

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Thanksgiving Recipes - Main Courses

If you're sticking to a Northwest Thanksgiving dinner, the main course might be more along the lines of salmon or halibut than turkey or ham, but you can always look to organic, sustainably raised turkey and ham to keep with the spirit of Northwestern foods. Alternately, locally caught salmon and other fish make fantastic Thanksgiving centerpieces, especially if you incorporate some Thanksgiving fanfare such as glazes or pecans!

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Washington State has a fantastic array of fresh produce grown locally--from Washington State apples grown in the Yakima Valley, to onions grown in Walla Walla, to mushrooms that flourish in Western Washington, and clams from the coast. Fresh locally grown herbs may still be available in November, if you're lucky, but squash and pumpkins from the area's many pumpkin patches will be out in full force.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Even in late autumn, Seattle is blessed with fresh produce. While apples are always available, the region's ubiquitous berries are out of season in November. Still, you can almost always find blackberries and blueberries at local markets--just be prepared to pay the cost of out-of-season produce. Blueberries freeze quite well, though, so if you have time to plan in advance, freeze some of these summer berries and whip them out for the holidays for a special treat! Other dessert options might incorporate some chocolate from one of the many local chocolate companies. But with so many varieties of apples that grow here, apple pie may be the ultimate local dessert. Or visit a pumpkin patch, pick your own pumpkin, and integrate fresh pumpkin into your dessert menu instead of using canned.

Thanksgiving Beverage Recipes

Beverages are one of the areas where Washington State really shines. Seattle is home to several major coffee companies--Starbucks, Tully's and Seattle's Best--and countless small roasters, cafes and coffee shops. Needless to say, coffee is part of Seattle's identity. Wine and beer are also made locally in droves with Woodinville Wine Country just to the north of Seattle, and microbreweries located all throughout Seattle, Tacoma and everywhere in between. If you're not fond of caffeine or alcohol, apple cider from a nearby apple orchard might be the way to go!

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