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Valentine's Day Ideas in Seattle-Tacoma


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about fancy dinners and wining and dining. While there are fine dining options a-plenty in the Seattle area, there are also many fun events going on for Valentine’s. Many are actually on February 14, but others are on days before and after the holiday. Get out, get active, and support a cause by joining in a fun run; learn to make a cherry pie; or take a romantic dinner cruise with Argosy. Whether you are married, dating, or single, what to do on Valentine’s Day just got more exciting.

For even more ideas and specific events, see the list of 2014 Valentine's Day events.

1. Go for a Run

At least one run takes to the streets for Valentine's Day and it's not quite like any other! If you enjoy running and helping good causes raise money, join in Cupid’s Undie Run. Don your favorite underwear (or at least whatever you’re willing to wear in public) and join this run around Fremont. The event takes place in six cities throughout the nation and all proceeds go straight to the Children's Tumor Foundation to benefit children suffering from Nuerofibromatosis.

2. Go on a Cruise

A romantic dinner cruise is the perfect way to enjoy some canoodling on the water. You can book a cruise on many nights in February, but select dates close to the actual day usually have special menus and romantic touches to dinner. Argosy Cruises always has a Valentine's Day cruise, but also check with Waterways Cruises.

3. Go out to Eat

The obvious choice of what to do on Valentine's Day is classic and still one of the best. Seattle's culinary scene rises to the challenge and tons of restaurants have special menus, wine tastings, events or just the usual romantic decor. If you don't already have a place in mind, check OpenTable.com for ideas.

4. Theatre Shows

While the larger venues like Paramount and 5th Avenue don't commonly put on Valentine's Day shows, the smaller theatres and community theatres often do. Look to venues such as Columbia City Theatre, Showbox at the Market, Unexpected Productions, Town Hall and other small to mid-sized theatres for a great night out.

5. Take a Class at Babeland

Babeland is one of the coolest adult stores in Seattle and it regularly offers classes. If you really want to put some spice into your relationship, take a look at the classes they offer for couples!

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