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Local Issues and Government

Your guide to Seattle, Tacoma, and general Puget Sound issues, government, City Hall resources, as well as local TV, newspaper, and magazine media.
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Find Local Hospitals
Seattle/Tacoma offers excellent hospitals and walk in clinics throughout the area find one near your area.

Guest Author Danielle Koenig
Danielle Koenig is a guest author for Seattle's About.com site.

How to Vote in Washington State
Learn all about how to vote in Washington State, whether you live in the state, overseas, are active military, or need special accommodations.

Washington State Sales Tax
A listing of sales tax rates in each city in King and Pierce counties, as well as the sales tax rate for Washington State.

Seattle Earthquakes
Learn about the types of earthquakes possible in the Seattle area, as well as the history of past quakes in the region--from the 2001 Nisqually quake back to one in 900 A.D.

What is the Population of Seattle?
Learn facts about Seattle and Tacoma's population as well as some key statistics about the area.

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