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Seattle/Tacoma New to Area Resources


Seattle/Tacoma New to Area Resources

Seattle Skyline

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Moving to a new place can be exciting. To keep your excitement up and confusion at bay here is a list of essential services you will need to help make Seattle/Tacoma your new home.

New to Area

Get a quick link guide to help you locate local government sites, find transportation information, maps, utilities, and weather reports, and locate your Department of Licensing for the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Getting Around Seattle

Find maps, transportation services, traffic cameras, hotels, and visitor resources.

Careers and Jobs

Find resources for local Seattle companies, startups, headhunters.


Follow these steps for getting your career back on track.

Local Government & Media

Get up to date on the ins and outs of our local government and find links to Seattle area voting, taxes, public health, utilities, recycling, local media like newspapers, magazines, television news stations, and more.

Garbage Collection Resources

Find out who your garbage provider is with these quick link resources.

Recycling Collection Resources

Find out about recycling in your area and make note of any changes that may affect you.

Getting Married?

If you live/move to King County here are three easy steps for applying for a marriage license, obtaining copies of your license, and finding information on a low key marriage ceremony with the city.

Real Estate & Neighborhoods

Discover our diverse neighborhoods.

Schools & Libraries

Both cities offer their own resources for primary and secondary schools in the area. Also find information about local libraries and colleges.


Find descriptions for major Washington State Universities.

Local Hospitals

Seattle/Tacoma offers excellent hospitals and walk in clinics all over the Puget Sound, here you will find a full list of hospitals in the area.

Seattle/Tacoma Dining

There are a plethora of places to dine in the Pacific Northwest. Find reviews on local restaurants and bars, get information on types of cuisine, addresses and phone numbers, or order a meal online to come straight to your door.

Like Italian food?

Check out the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in the area.

Local Events

Find detailed monthly calendars of events and information on local concerts, sporting events, and theatre venues.


No matter where you decide to live in the Seattle/Tacoma area there is a mall near you.

Find a Gym

Seattle offers upscale gyms to no-fuss gyms, and it's home to the first ever indoor rock climbing gym. If you like a more spiritual workout the city offers several options for yoga, Pilates, and the new kettlebell craze. For those that want to express themselves while getting a total body workout there are dance studios around the Sound offering classes for every style.

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