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Three Best Seattle Christmas Light Displays

Drive or Rent a Limo and go on a Seattle Christmas Light Driving Tour


Three Best Seattle Christmas Light Displays
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Most places to see big holiday light displays in the Seattle area are walk through only, check out options for walking Christmas displays around Washington.

There are a few you can drive through that consistently put up grand displays each year, here are the top three drive through Christmas light displays in the city.

1. Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna (December 15 to New Year's)
This is by far the best one to drive through in Seattle for charming Christmas light displays. It's a free light display that you can walk or drive through in a loop put on by the neighbors of Park Road and Ravenna Boulevard. The neighborhood has been putting on this community light show since 1941. (December 15 through New Year's Day from 4 p.m to 11 p.m.; on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve the lights are on until midnight). Address: Northeast Park Road, off Ravenna Boulevard, Seattle, WA 98105. Map it.

2. Olympic Manor near Greenwood (Mid-December)
The Olympic Manor neighborhood in Seattle has it in their homeowners association rules that they are encouraged to decorate for Christmas each year. Dozens of homes are decorated and it's a longtime holiday favorite in Seattle. Don't be surprised to see limos driving through. Address: Start at Northwest 85th Street and 23rd Avenue Northwest.

3. Kerry Park Viewpoint on Queen Anne Hill (Month of December)
After driving through to see the Christmas displays of the picturesque homes on Queen Anne Hill head to the Kerry Park Viewpoint for the best view in town of the lighted tree a top the Space Needle. It's free too. Address: 211 W. Highland Dr. Seattle, WA.

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