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Grey’s Anatomy Intern House Location in Seattle


Grey’s Anatomy Intern House Location in Seattle

Grey's Anatomy Intern House

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Seattle is known as the backdrop to the popular television show Grey's Anatomy. And many visitors come to Seattle wondering where the intern house owned by fictional Dr. Meredith Grey is located. Supposedly on the show Grey inherits the pricey home from her mother and grandmother.

The fictional living place for the interns is found at the following coordinates: 47°37'49"N 122°21'39"W on historic Queen Anne Hill. The fictional address on the show is at 613 Harper Lane. But there is no such street on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill.

If you want to drive and check out the real-life home of the interns the address is: 303 Comstock St., Seattle, WA. The house is not one interns could typically afford. The $1.3 million dollar home was built in 1905 and includes four bedrooms and 2.5 baths with 2,740 square feet of living space.

If you don't live in Washington state or aren't planning to visit anytime soon you can check out the Grey's Anatomy home using this overhead map.

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