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Seattle-Tacoma Timezone

Facts about Pacific Standard Time


Seattle is in the Pacific Time Zone, as are other major Northwest cities, including Tacoma, Olympia and Bellingham. In fact, all of Washington State is in the Pacific Time Zone, as are Oregon and California.

What time is it in the Pacific Time Zone right now?

The Pacific Time Zone is eight hours behind Coordinated Universal Time, which you’ll see notated as UTC-8. There are a total of 40 time zones in the world. There are four time zones in the United States: Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. There is a one-hour difference between Washington State and cities located in the Mountain Time Zone, a two-hour difference to the Central Time Zone, and a three-hour difference to the Eastern Time Zone.

Washington State does observe daylight saving time. During daylight saving time, Washington State’s clocks are set forward one hour, which then makes us UTC-7 (or only seven hours behind Coordinated Universal Time).

Daylight saving time happens on different dates each year, but always starts the second Sunday in March (clocks forward one hour) until the first Sunday in November (clocks backward one hour). In the U.S., clocks are normally officially changed at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.

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