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Seattle Kettlebell Classes

Find Instructors and Gyms Offering Kettlebell Workouts


Seattle Kettlebell Classes
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The newest fitness trend to hit the Puget Sound is known as kettlebells, it’s a workout using a flat-bottomed cannonball with a handle that students of the trade use to condition every part of their body.

For those bored with regular gym exercises a kettlebell workout is worth trying to tone your body.

How do Kettlebells Work?

You use a “pood” better known as a measure of weight (in Russian). A pood is anywhere from 4 pounds to 106 pounds. The fundamentals taught during kettlebell workouts focuses on hip snap, which gives your arms momentum to swing up. As you work with the kettlebells your entire body is targeted with muscles working from all angles. It is a cardio and strength building workout popular with celebrities and professional athletes.

Are Kettlebell Instructors Certified?

If you want to try a kettlebell workout look for instructors that are RKC or AKC certified or are a certified personal trainer at an accredited gym.

Where Can I find a Kettlebell Class in the Seattle Area?

There are a few gyms that specialize in kettlebell training in the Puget Sound:

  • Outrageously Fit Seattle
    (206) 782-2199
    1446 NW 53rd Street in Ballard

    RKC Instructor Jen offers small classes of 50-minute sessions for the beginner to advanced. Her kettlebell classes feature mobility, flexibility, strength, and cardio while teaching good form.

  • Level 4 Crossfit Seattle
    206-992-7360 (Nancy)
    206-992-7330 (Dave)
    206-550-5111 (Scott)
    4358B Leary Way Northwest
    Seattle, WA 98107

    Crossfit Seattle’s kettlebell classes are great for beginners and are designed and coached by a trainer.

    Find upcoming classes at Crossfit Seattle.

  • Flow Life Fitness
    (206) 794-0513
    112 5th Ave. North
    Seattle, Washington 98122

    Personal trainer Tyler Oakley is a kettlebell coach based in the Seattle area.

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