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BoltBus Service from Seattle to Portland and Vancouver BC

Wi-Fi, Legroom, and $1 Fares


Seattle BoltBus

Seattle BoltBus

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The BoltBus route from Seattle to Portland was the first bus service of its kind offered on the West Coast, and is operated in partnership with Greyhound. Currently, service is offered between three Northwest cities—Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver.

BoltBus is a newer bus service, previously only offered in the Northeast, but provides an incredibly cheap way to travel, with perks above and beyond your average bus trip. Don't expect cramped seating and other mainstays of average bus travel!

BoltBus Stations in the Northwest

The Seattle BoltBus station is at 5th Avenue South and King Street.

The Portland BoltBus station is at 648 SW Salmon Street.

The Vancouver, B.C. station is at 1150 Station Street-Gate 4.

Facts about Riding BoltBus

There are several buses that go between each of the cities each day so you can choose morning, mid-day, and evening departure or arrival times.

BoltBus is a bus line like no other. Where other buses might be just a cheap way to get from point A to point B, BoltBus provides luxury and service to its riders several steps above what you’d expect.

Rider perks include Wi-Fi, power outlets, leather seats and legroom. BoltBus also utilizes boarding groups so that you don’t have to fight your way to a good seat, or at the very least you know where you stand during the boarding process. All tickets guarantee a seat. Riders are allowed two small carry-ons, and one large piece of luggage in the cargo hold (bikes included).

BoltBus Fares

Even better, BoltBus is cheaper than just about any other way to travel, including many other bus routes. Fares can be as low as a $1 (plus a booking fee). If you want those $1 fares, make sure to book well in advance. If you don’t get the $1 fares, none of the BoltBus fares are expensive and range from $5 to $25.

You can also buy tickets the day of travel from a bus driver, but for full fare only. Frequent travelers are able to sign up for the Bolt Rewards program; after eight trips, riders can get a free one-way ticket.

How to Buy Tickets

For fare and schedule information, or to purchase tickets, visit BoltBus.com.

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