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Get recommendations for the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in the Seattle area.
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Best Seattle-Tacoma Doughnuts
From Top Pot to Mighty-O to Frost Doughnuts, Seattle and Tacoma are doughnut destinations worth exploring.

Seattle Cupcakes
A listing of the best cupcake shops in Seattle and Tacoma.

A Night Out in Seattle Without Drinking
A guide to a fun night out in Seattle without drinks

Passport to Woodinville: Wine Tour
The Passport to Woodinville starts selling tickets in February each year for their April wine country tour event. Discover how it works.

2009 Chef's Tour of the World at Tulalip Bay
The Chef’s Tour of the World is a monthly dining series featuring original versions of traditional and regional cuisines prepared by Chef Shinagawa paired with beer and wine selections from sommelier Tom Thompson.

Zagat 2009 Seattle Restaurant Winners
Discover the winners of the Zagat 2009 Seattle restaurant review.

Food & Drink
Take a visual tour of Seattle cuisine and cocktails.

Best Seattle Street Food
Best Seattle Street Food - The Best Food To Eat Standing Up

The 7 Best Breakfasts in Tacoma
Learn where you can find the best Tacoma breakfasts from greasy spoons to top brunch spots. Surprising options like Puget Sound Pizza and the Lobster Shop add extra dimension to these sumptuous options and prove Tacoma has something interesting to offer for your morning meal.

Tacoma Beer Fest
Read about what to expect at the Tacoma Beer Fest, one of the biggest beer events in Western Washington and it's still growing.

Organic To Go
Get a wholesome farm-fresh meal delivered right to your door.

Seattle’s Urbanspoon.com
The Urbanspoon is Seattle's online restaurant guide. Find critic reviews, view menus, and get directions to Seattle area restaurants.

The Seattle Times Food & Wine Blog
Our local newspaper staff food writer offers tips for cooking and dining with Northwest food.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Dining Guide
Known around here as the Seattle P-I newspaper, find handy drop down menus to designate type of cuisine, price, and locations.

Washington Apples
There are many, many apple varieties grown in Washington State, but there are nine main cultivars that make up the bulk of Washington apples. These include Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, and more. Learn what makes each distinct.

Seattle Coffee
The best Seattle coffee may just be from one of the city's smaller roasteries--Fonte Coffee, Victrola Coffee, Caffe Luca and Caffe Umbria are just some of the roasters to watch.

Seattle & King County's Food Protection Program
Seattle & King County's Food Protection Program regulates our restaurants. They post results two weeks after inspections. You can use their online tool to view results and find out about restaurant inspections in your area.

Seattle Public Health Inspections
Find inspection records, current closures, and report unsafe food practices for local Seattle area restaurants.

Space Needle
Take the Space Needle’s elevator 520 feet up to the 360-degree observation deck for spectacular views of Seattle. Or dine at SkyCity restaurant a top the needle and enjoy the view as the entire restaurant rotates, slowly 360 degrees.

Beer Festivals in Seattle and Tacoma
Beer festivals in Seattle are plentiful and take place all year-round, from famous Oktoberfest to Belgian Fest to the Washington Cask Beer Festival!

Amazing Sushi in Seattle
Find out where to best sushi in Seattle--from the very best and authentic sushi by star chefs like Shiro Kashiba and Tatsu Nishino, to conveyor belt sushi, to which grocery stores make good sushi.

Where to Buy Wedding Cakes in Seattle
Shopping for your ideal wedding cake? Seattle and Tacoma are both home to several bakeries and specialty cake makers.

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