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Seattle’s Top 10 Irish Pubs


Seattle’s Top 10 Irish Pubs

Pint of Guinness

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1. Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant

Fado (pronounced Fa-doe) offers pints in a super friendly atmosphere. It's popular with the after work crowd and Guinness lovers. Address: 801 First Ave., Seattle. Phone: 206-264-2700.

2. Owl N' Thistle Irish Pub and Restaurant

This Seattle landmark originally opened in 1930 and today it is a popular Irish pub and restaurant. The speckled bricked walls and inviting tables are enveloped with live music and fun. A local St. Patrick's Day hot spot. Address: 808 Post Ave., downtown Seattle. Phone: 206-621-7777.

3. Buckley's

This Irish bar has two locations; one is situated in Queen Anne and the other is found in Belltown. They are a neighborhood pub offering a smoke-free environment. Queen Anne Address: 232 First Ave. W., Seattle; Phone: 206-691-0232. Belltown Address: 2331 Second Ave., Seattle; Phone: 206-588-8879.

4. Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Nestled in the Post Alley above historic Pike Place Market, Kells is always hopping with pub crawlers. Its warm and cozy atmosphere and outdoor patio make it inviting to tourists as well. Every year they celebrate St. Patrick's Day with fervor. Address: 1916 Post Alley. Phone: 206-728-1916.

5. Blarney Stone Irish Pub and Restaurant

Blarney's in Belltown has 10 beers on tap and while you drink a pint you can play pool and darts, watch sports on flat screen televisions, use the free WiFi and more. Address: 1909 Third Ave., Seattle. Phone: 206.448.8439.

6. Wilde Rover Irish Pub & Restaurant

In traditional form this Irish pub in Kirkland boasts Irish-themed rooms including a fireplace and library and of course billiards. Address: 111 Central Way, Kirkland. Phone: 425.822.8940.

7. Molly Maguire's Irish Pub

This small pub has Irish owners with a loyal customer following. They offer over a dozen beers on tap and weekly live music. Address: 610 NW 65th St., Seattle. Phone: 206-789-9643.

8. Old Pequliar

Well priced food and drinks keeps locals in Ballard as happy as a homegrown Irishman. Address: 1722 NW Market St., Seattle. Phone: 206-782-8886.

9. Clever Dunne's Irish House

On top of Capitol Hill this Irish bar offers 20-ounce pints in a neighborhood full of characters. Address: 1501 East Olive Way, Seattle. Phone: 206-709-8079.

10. Irish Emigrant

Mixed pints in a true old fashioned Irish pub, it's located in the heart of the University District. The bar is two stories and on the weekends this pub is packed with local college students from the University of Washington. Address: 5260 University Way NE, Seattle. Phone: 206-525-2955.

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