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Best Seattle-Tacoma Doughnuts

Top Pot Doughnuts, Mighty-O Doughnuts and More!


The Seattle-Tacoma area has no shortage of tasty doughnuts. These doughnuts range from traditional favorites to innovative flavors such as mint chocolate or key lime pie—and from grocery store bakery cases to amazing doughnut destinations. While there’s nothing wrong with grocery store doughnuts, you won’t regret familiarizing yourself with Seattle’s best doughnut shops.

1. Chuck’s Donut Shop

Chuck’s is an old-fashioned, doughnut shop without the glitz of many newer chains. It’s been around a long time. It doesn’t bother with the fancy, gourmet stuff like newer doughnut spots. Chuck’s is mostly known for its maple bars, frosted with a light and airy maple buttercream rather than a syrupy glaze like you’ll find elsewhere.
What’s So Special about Chuck’s: The maple bars!
Location: 5335 NE 4th Street, Renton

2. Daily Dozen

Daily Dozen Doughnuts Seattle
Salim Virji

Tucked into Pike Place Market, don’t leave Daily Dozen Doughnuts to the tourists! It’s too good. Doughnuts here come in miniature form and you buy them by the half dozen or dozen. The selection is simple: plain, cinnamon, powdered or sprinkles. The tiny doughnuts typically come out of the fryer just in time to get bagged and given directly to a customer. Because of this, the doughnuts are fresh and warm. There are several flavors to choose from, but the mini cinnamon and sugar are popular for a reason!
What’s So Special about Daily Dozen Doughnuts: You won’t find fresher doughnuts anywhere—served up fresh and hot.
Location: 93 Pike Street, Seattle

3. Dockside Doughnuts

Dockside Doughnuts is housed in a former Dairy Queen and is easy to drive past, but you shouldn’t! Within the shop, you’ll find an array of doughnuts, with some unusual selections—fruit twists, salted caramel bars and bacon maple bars among them. But of all the doughnuts at Dockside, one perhaps most worth your attention is the coconut cream bar, filled with an amazingly light filling. Prices are low and Dockside is open 24 hours a day!
What’s So Special about Dockside: Cheap doughnuts, a great selection and 24-hour availability!
Location: 1112 Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma

4. Frost Doughnuts

Frost Doughnuts focuses on what they call “doughnuts evolved.” Gone are casual doughnuts—Frost adds a touch of class to this classic snack. Flavor combinations include traditional favorites, as well as gourmet doughnuts such as Aztec Chocolate, Salted Caramel and the popular Smokey Bacon Maple Bar. Cake doughnuts are moist. Crullers are light and fluffy. The selection also includes plenty of traditional filled, raised and old fashioned doughnuts if experimental flavors are not your thing.
What’s So Special about Frost Doughnuts: Fancy and inventive flavor combinations with a dash of sophistication.
Location: 15421 Main Street, Suite H102, Mill Creek

5. Legendary Doughnuts

Legendary Doughnuts is all about its huge menu. You’ll find many of the most popular varieties at the chain’s two shops almost every day—like the Charlie Brown (peanut butter/chocolate) or Sex in the City (salted caramel chocolate). But you’ll also find a few surprises each day and a monthly special, often pitched by doughnut fans via social media. That doesn’t mean you can’t find your favorite flavor. Most of the time, if you ask for a doughnut that’s not in the case, the staff can make one up for you! From doughnut balls (about two inches across) to legendary selections (some about eight inches across), Legendary Doughnuts also makes sure any appetite will be happy.
What’s So Special about Legendary: A constantly rotating and huge lineup of flavors. Real buttercream on many of the varieties doesn’t hurt either!

  • 1410 Lake Tapps Parkway East, Auburn
  • 2602 6th Avenue, Tacoma

6. Mighty-O Donuts

Mighty O Doughnuts
Mighty O Doughnuts

Mighty-O Donuts is a company with a conscience. If you want to eat your treats with minimal negative impact on the world around you, Mighty-O is the way to go as their doughnuts are 100% organic and forego chemical additives and preservatives. The result is a delicious sweet treat! As with most self-respecting doughnut joints, Mighty-O also has coffee. In this case, the coffee is fair-trade and organic.

What’s So Special about Mighty-O: All organic ingredients, no trans fats, no chemical preservatives, no fake coloring or flavors, and no animal-derived ingredients.


7. Pao’s

An old favorite of many Tacoma residents, Pao’s is all about traditional doughnuts done well. The shop is small and has a seventies-vintage feel. The doughnuts are delicious, but even better—they’re cheap. Like the cupcake craze, the gourmet doughnut trend means that you will often pay $2 to $3 for a single doughnut. Not at Pao’s! You’ll get one of the best doughnuts you’ve ever had and pay less than a dollar for it!
What’s So Special about Pao’s: Traditionally delicious doughnuts at traditionally reasonable prices.
Location: 6919 6th Avenue, Tacoma

8. Top Pot

Top Pot Doughnuts
Top Pot Doughnuts

Top Pot prides itself on hand-forged doughnuts done the old-fashioned way, paired up with a vintage appeal in the local chain’s several locations. You won’t find too many crazy flavor combinations at Top Pot, but you will find pure, unadulterated doughnut bliss. Popular favorites include raspberry filled, old fashioned, cake and other familiar flavors. Top Pot also serves up a mean cup of coffee, for which they roast their own beans in small batches.

What’s So Special about Top Pot: Pure, quality doughnuts, made by hand from an old-fashioned recipe.


  • 609 Summit Avenue E, Seattle
  • 2124 5th Avenue, Seattle
  • 6855 35th Avenue NE, Seattle
  • 325 West Galer, Seattle
  • 10600 NE 9th Place, Bellevue
  • University Book Store, 15311 Main Street, Mill Creek
  • In McLendon Hardware, 440 Rainier Avenue S, Renton
  • CenturyLink Field, 800 Occidental Avenue S, Seattle
  • Bellevue Square Mall, 1020 Bellevue Square
  • 720 Third Avenue, Seattle
  • 1416 NW 46th Street, Seattle
  • 590 Terry Avenue N, Seattle
  • 16095 Cleveland Street, Redmond
  • 815 N 10th Street #F, Renton
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