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Seattle Cupcakes

The Top Places to Find These Sweet Desserts


Some say the cupcake fad is on its way out, but from the number of cupcake places in Seattle and Tacoma—don’t count on it. The fact is that cupcakes are just tasty. As cupcake bakeries continue to pop up, many are adding more creative flavor concoctions into the mix. Have a traditional chocolate or vanilla, or get crazy and try a mojito cupcake, a key lime cupcake or any other number of taste adventures.

1. Cupcake Royale

Seattle’s first cupcake bakery is still among the best. The cake is baked from scratch daily and frosting is buttercream made with real local butter. The quality of ingredients shines through and the size of cupcakes is slightly larger than most, with a generous muffin top. The crucial cake-to-frosting ratio is also just about right for people who don’t want the frosting overload that is so common with cupcakes. Rather than the dome of swirled frosting, Cupcake Royale spreads frosting on almost flat (but artistically). Available flavors include traditional, seasonal flavors like gingerbread and pumpkin spice, and the always popular salted caramel.

Other products: Vegan cupcake, gluten free cupcake, cake pops, ice cream


  • 1111 East Pike Street, Seattle
  • 2052 NW Market Street, Seattle
  • 1101 34th Avenue, Seattle
  • 4556 California Avenue SW, Seattle
  • 21 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue
  • 108 Pine Street, Seattle (ice creamery)

2. Trophy Cupcakes

Another well-known top Seattle cupcake favorite is Trophy Cupcakes. Each day of the week brings a new lineup of often-inventive flavors. Examples are snickerdoodle (that actually tastes like a snickerdoodle cookie), triple coconut, chocolate Nutella, and salted caramel. Like Cupcake Royale, Trophy focuses on high-quality ingredients like rbgh-free dairy, organic peanut butter and free-range eggs. The frosting-to-cake ratio is more liberal on the frosting end than Cupcake Royale, but the frosting isn’t overly sweet or over powering.

Other products: Custom cupcakes for special events.


  • 1815 N 45th Street, Seattle
  • 2612 NE Village Lane, Seattle
  • The Bravern at 700 110th Avenue NE, Bellevue

3. Pinkabella

Pinkabella is a small chain of cupcake shops that has a nice selection of non-traditional flavors—meaning you can try out a mint chocolate chip, caramel macchiato, bananas foster, cherry coke and other fun flavors. Pinkabella cupcakes are strong on the frosting and topped with a generous dome of the sweet stuff, and it is sweet. Pinkabella frosting is among the sweeter frostings at Seattle’s cupcake shops, so this is a great destination for those with a powerful sweet tooth. Pinkabella is also committed to giving back to its community and gives 100% of tips received to help abandoned children.

Other products: Special event cakes and cupcakes


  • Alderwood Mall, 3000 184th Street SW, Lynnwood
  • Redmond Town Center, 16418 NE 74th Street, Redmond
  • Bellevue Square, 320 Bellevue Square
  • Southcenter Mall, 1002 Southcenter Boulevard

4. Hello, Cupcake

If you’re in the South Sound and need a cupcake fix, downtown Tacoma’s adorable Hello, Cupcake is an excellent place to look. A modest, yet pleasing list of flavors includes traditional favorites (chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, red velvet) as well as a special flavor each month. Where Hello, Cupcake really shines is the frosting. Make no mistake, it’s intense and sweet, but with a flavorful pop that is sure to wake up your sweet tooth. The chocolate frosting is one of the most chocolately you will ever taste and the cream cheese is quite amazing if you request it with their chocolate cake.

Other products: Sometimes whoopee pies and some vintage-style candy for sale.

Location: 1740 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma

5. Sweet Charley B’s Bakery

Sweet Charley B’s is all the way down in Olympia, but is worth mentioning as it was voted as one of the best cupcake shops by Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington. The bakery is known for moist, flavorful cake and their wide variety of unusual flavors. What kinds of flavors? Try hot cocoa, toffee crunch, peanut butter cup, cherry cheesecake, Snickers and cinnamon roll. Sure, you’ll find traditional flavors here too, but that’s not really why you came here, is it?

Other products: All cupcakes, all the time.

Location: 111 Market Street NE, Olympia

6. Other Cupcake Bakeries Worth Exploring:

New York Cupcakes – 15600 NE 8th, Suite A4, Bellevue
Wanna Cupcake – 2102 E Main, Puyallup
Sweet Bliss Bakery - Renton
The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. – 2209 4th Avenue, Seattle
Stuffed Cakes - 9003 35th Avenue SW, Seattle
Dahlia Bakery - 2001 4th Avenue, Seattle
Columbia City Bakery - 4865 Rainier Avenue S, Seattle
Common Ground Cupcakes - 900 South 3rd St # A, Renton
Burning Cupakes – 4312 6th Avenue, Tacoma
Jubilee Cupcakes - 13333 Meridian Avenue East, Puyallup

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