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Blue Mouse Theatre

A Unique and Independent Theatre Located in Tacoma


Blue Mouse Theatre

Blue Mouse Theatre

Kristin Kendle

The Blue Mouse Theatre is a rare independent theatre—and even rarer, it is set in a residential neighborhood. It is located right in the heart of the Proctor District in North Tacoma, bringing a touch of nostalgic charm to this already cozy area. Bonus, the tickets here are pleasantly affordable.

The Blue Mouse Theatre originally opened in November 1923 and has been known by a few names over the years—The Proctor Theatre and the Bijou. In 1993, after years of struggling due to the emergence of large theatre chains, a group called the Blue Mouse Associates purchased the theatre and removed years of renovations to restore the theatre to its original state inside and out. Today, it is one of the oldest continuously operating theatres in the country and still retains its community feel.

Blue Mouse Theatre
2611 North Proctor Street
Tacoma, WA 98407
(253) 752-9500


Unlike the big theatre chains, don’t expect to come to Blue Mouse and find 20 different shows to choose from. Instead, there is usually one movie on tap each week. Shows run at 7 p.m. on Fridays through Thursdays, and at 4:15 on Saturday and Sunday. Mondays, the already cheap tickets are cheaper at $3! The theatre tends toward family-friendly films, but has a wide variety of movies that come through.

While the films by day and evening are usually family-friendly, the midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show is not! This theatre is one of the only places around to indulge in the full Rocky Horror experience in Tacoma—a group called the Blue Mouseketeers act along with the film and dress in full costume. Audience participation is, as always, just about required. These shows take place each month on the second and fourth Saturdays at midnight.

The Blue Mouse also has special events or takes part in festivals at times. During the Proctor Arts Fest, there is often a community show or performance on here.

The theater is also available to rent for private events during times there are no shows.

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Things to do Nearby

This theatre is located in the Proctor District, which is not large, but has a good number of restaurants and shops. If you want to take in dinner and a movie, this is the neighborhood for you. Dinner options include Mexican at La Fondita, Italian at either Pomodoro or Europa Bistro, or downhome food at Knapps. There is also a wine bar called Pour at Four within a block. If you just want a sweet treat, Jubilee Cupcakes has a lot of very unique flavors (perhaps the most unique cupcakes in Tacoma) and Metropolitan Market also has a delectable pastry counter.

Directions and Parking

From Seattle, Northeast Tacoma, Puyallup, and other areas taking I-5 South, take Exit 133 and merge onto I-705 N toward City Center. Follow signs toward Stadium Way and make a right onto Stadium Way at the light. The street will curve around to the left and you will be on Division. Turn right onto I Street and continue on 21st Street. Make a right onto Proctor, which is a light. The theater will be on your right.

From Olympia, South Tacoma, and University Place, take I-5 Exit 132 and follow signs to WA-16 West. Take the Union Avenue Exit off of 16 and make a right onto Union Avenue. Turn left onto North 21st. Turn right onto Proctor.

From Gig Harbor and the rest of the peninsula, take WA-16 to Exit 3 for Pearl Street. Turn right on North 26th. Turn left onto Proctor.

Parking is available in the US Bank parking lot at 3916 N 26th Street, but there is also ample street parking on Proctor and surrounding streets. North 27th has several parking spaces along the street.

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