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72 Hours in the San Juan Islands

Day 3 Lopez Island & Shaw Island Side Trip


72 Hours in the San Juan Islands

Lopez Island Ferry Stop

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Day 3 Lopez Island

Pack up and head back to the ferry landing. Get in line at least an hour or two before your interisland ferry departs. In the summer months be sure to plan ahead and give yourself extra time; when your ferry arrives drive onto the interisland ferry headed to Lopez Island.

Lopez Island is considered the friendliest island. It is also very flat and popular with road cyclists. Each year in April the Tour de Lopez attracts competitive cyclists thanks to its flat roads. You will want a car for this island or at minimum a bike to help you get around.

There are several Bed & Breakfast options on Lopez as well as resorts and places to camp along with private residents options.

And Lopez offers several restaurants and cafes.

Things to Do on Lopez Island

The Lopez Island community is tight-knit and friendly especially to strangers. They put on a spectacular annual Fourth of July firework show with a parade through town each year. Lopez Island is popular with bike riders and also with kayak enthusiasts. Go on a kayak tour, play golf, visit the local winery or check out local artists.

Side Trip Idea: Shaw Island

If you aren't interested in visiting San Juan Island on Day 2 then take an interisland ferry to Shaw Island. Shaw Island is the smallest of the four ferry-serviced islands. This island is a great place to visit with a pair of bikes to have a serene picnic. Locals of Shaw Island are fiercely protective of their homes and land; do not trespass, they will catch you! There are limited amenities on Shaw Island (only one small grocery store, no hotels, no restaurants). So if you go make it a bike ride/picnic day trip or stay the night at the Shaw Island campsites located two miles from the Shaw ferry landing. Keep in mind, Shaw Island is very tranquil in sound. But loud in negative "no trespassing" signs. The locals on Shaw don't want to commercialize their island, so be respectful of this if you plan to visit.

Curious what these islands are like? See recent photos of Orcas, San Juan and Lopez Islands.

Otherwise make a plan and enjoy island hopping cost-effectively with you car through the San Juans.

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