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Seattle Easter Egg Hunts 2014
Easter egg hunts take place in parks, at zoos, and other public spaces in the Seattle area. If you don't want to set up an egg hunt on your own, find out who's hosting egg hunts in your area.
Seattle Easter
A list of things to do on Easter in Seattle and Tacoma, as well as the dates for Easter for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Marijuana in Washington State
The details of I-502, which passed in Washington in the 2012 election and legalized pot in the state.
What's the Sales Tax in Washington State?
A listing of sales tax rates in each city in King and Pierce counties, as well as the sales tax rate for Washington State.
Tacoma Brunch Restaurants
The best brunch buffets in Tacoma offer a number of ways to dine out on a Sunday morning. Whether you want to eat a luxurious meal or something cheaper, Tacoma has restaurants to accommodate you.
Ten Biggest Employers in Seattle Area
A list of the Top Employers in Seattle
Top 10 Microbreweries in Seattle and Tacoma
The best (and best-known) locally crafted and brewed beers and breweries in Seattle and Tacoma.
10 Biggest Seattle/Tacoma Celebrities
A List of the 10 Biggest Artists/Entertainers from Seattle / Tacoma.
The BoltBus: Take the Bus in Style from Seattle...
BoltBus is a whole new way to travel by bus, with cheap fares yet convenient touches such as Wi-Fi and increased legroom. From Seattle, BoltBus goes to Portland, OR, and Vancouver, B.C.
Seattle Wedding Locations
The top places to get married in Seattle, whether you want to say your vows on the shore, at a convention center, or on a mountain top.
Rain in Seattle
Find out why its rains so much in Seattle, how much rain Seattle gets, and some other rain trivia about the Emerald City.
Seattle's Wall of Gum at the Market Theater
Seattle's Wall of Gum at the Market Theater
Seattle Airport Parking
A list of parking lots and park and fly deals near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Learn the prices, locations, contact information, and coupons available at all major lots near the airport.
72 Hours in the San Juan Islands
As the seasons turn warmer, Pacific Northwest waters glisten and dance, and the inviting sea mist beacons travelers to the San Juan Islands. The ferry-serviced islands in Northern Washington are the biggest draw for locals and visitors: Orcas, San Juan (Friday Harbor), Lopez and Shaw. And each island offers something different.
Seattle Events - April 2014
A listing of things to do in Seattle in April 2014, from The Lion King to Video Games Live.
Seattle Prom Dresses
A list of great shopping spots to find great prom dresses, including thrift stores, local malls, and trendy boutiques.
National Parks near Seattle-Tacoma
There are four national parks within an easy drive of Seattle or Tacoma, including Mt. Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Park.
Seattle vs. Portland
A comparison of Seattle and Portland with a look at cost of living, transportation, public parks, population and other factors.
Three Romantic Getaways Near Seattle
Surprise your special someone with a romantic getaway for a special occassion. Find three options from high-end elegance to down home country fun.
Affordable Weddings and Receptions in Seattle
There are many affordable places to have wedding receptions and ceremonies in the Seattle-Tacoma area.
Seattle Malls - Seattle Shopping
Shopping malls located between Tulalip to the north of Seattle down to Tukwila to the south. Whether you want to go on a high-end shopping spree or just need to pick up cheap clothes for the kids, the Seattle area malls have an option for you.
The 7 Best Breakfasts in Tacoma
Learn where you can find the best Tacoma breakfasts from greasy spoons to top brunch spots. Surprising options like Puget Sound Pizza and the Lobster Shop add extra dimension to these sumptuous options and prove Tacoma has something interesting to offer for your morning meal.
Seattle's Top 10 Italian Restaurants
A list of the top 10 Italian Restaurants in the Seattle Area.
Top 10 Seattle Athletic Clubs
Top 10 Seattle Athletic Clubs
Best Tacoma Neighborhoods
The best Tacoma neighborhoods might have easy freeway access, affordable housing, or many things to do. North Tacoma and University Place are among the safest neighborhoods in this area.
Earth Day 2014
What to do for Earth Day 2014 in Seattle? There are several ways to celebrate the day with your family!
Top 10 Seattle Mexican Restaurants
Seattle's best Mexican food can be found at local taco trucks, casual joints and trendy upscale restaurants.
Free Things to do in Seattle
A list of more free and fun things to do in Seattle.
Weird Seattle: Seattle’s Oddities and...
What are the strangest sights to see in Seattle, Tacoma and other nearby cities? The Aurora Bridge Troll, giant Lenin in Fremont, gum wall and mummies at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop are just a few of Seattle's weirdest attractions.
Seattle Events - May 2014
An events listing for what's on in Seattle in May 2014.
What is Seattle famous for?
What is Seattle famous for? Try coffee, rain, grunge bands and glassblowing--and a few other things too. Find out what Seattle is most known for and why!
Seattle Taxis
Find out where to find taxis and taxi stands in Seattle, as well as some tips about cabs at SeaTac International Airport.
Skagit Valley Tulip Fields
Mount Vernon Tulip Fields
Best Tacoma Happy Hours
The best Tacoma happy hours feature something unique. From cheap drinks to upscale food and appetizers, the top Tacoma bars and pubs are great places to head after work or for a night out.
24 Hour Restaurants in Seattle
Need a meal late at night? From Mexican to diner food, Seattle has several 24/7 restaurants ready to serve up late-night eats.
Free Museum Days in Seattle and Tacoma
Many of Seattle and Tacoma's best museums have free days. Seattle's First Thursday and Tacoma's Third Thursday arts events are some of the top ways to get in for free, as is the Blue Star Museums program.
Best Seattle Pizza
The pizzerias in Seattle and Tacoma offer all types slices with unique twists. Come take a look and read about their tastes and ambiance.
Seattle Allergies
A vast number of Seattle residents suffer from allergies each year. Learn about which allergens are most common in the Seattle-Tacoma area.
Free Things to do in Tacoma
A list of free things to do and places to go in Tacoma.
Grey’s Anatomy Intern House Location in...
Grey’s Anatomy Intern House Location in Seattle
Seattle Earthquakes
Learn about the types of earthquakes possible in the Seattle area, as well as the history of past quakes in the region--from the 2001 Nisqually quake back to one in 900 A.D.
Seattle vs. San Francisco
Comparing Living in Seattle and Living in San Francisco
Seattle Bachelorette Party Places and Ideas
Need ideas for where to go for the ultimate bachlorette party? Get some tips for the best party places in Seattle, whether you want a chilled out evening or a wild party!
Romantic Things to do in Tacoma
Find the best romantic places in Tacoma for couples on dates or Valentine's Day outings.
Washington Lottery Games
Learn how to play the many Washington State Lottery games, from Powerball to Lotto to Scratch tickets.
Movies Filmed in Seattle and Tacoma
Many films have been filmed and set in the Puget Sound from Seattle to Tacoma. Tracking down and checking out some of the locations can be a cool thing to do.
Free Things to Do in Seattle
Explore all the free things you can do in Seattle / Tacoma.
Gardening in Seattle
Seattle's weather is not always ideal for gardening, but knowing which vegetables and herbs do well here can help!
Seattle/Tacoma Pro Sports
Guide to pro sports teams in Seattle/Tacoma area.
Seattle's Summer Festivals
The Best Summer Festivals in Seattle
Seattle Ferris Wheel
Facts about Seattle's Ferris wheel, from its height to how much it will cost.
Seattle-Tacoma Casinos
If you don't want to go all the way to Vegas to enjoy some casino action, don't worry. There are plenty of local casinos near Seattle and Tacoma.
Best Mother's Day Brunches
Best Places for Brunch in Seattle / Tacoma.
Tacoma Day Trips
Tacoma has lots of things to do, but there is even more to discover day trips within a short drive from town. Venture out to the ocean shore, to Eastern Washington, or into the mountains.
Tacoma Events - April 2014
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Why is Seattle called the Emerald City?
The short answer to why is Seattle called the Emerald City is—because the city and surrounding areas are filled with greenery!
Washington Apples
There are many, many apple varieties grown in Washington State, but there are nine main cultivars that make up the bulk of Washington apples. These include Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, and more. Learn what makes each distinct.
Seattle-Tacoma Earth Day 2013
Get out into Seattle and Tacoma's parks and green spaces, or attend a festival. Earth Day in Seattle is a great thing to do with the kids, and a fun way to enjoy the Spring, too.
Seattle Mother's Day
Ideas for things to do on Mother's Day in Seattle and Tacoma, including the best brunch spots, places to go out and about, and some local gift shops for gifts and flowers.
Best Tacoma Bakeries
The best Tacoma bakeries offer everything from delightful cupcakes and coffee to world-class wedding cakes to savory baked goods. There are options for bakeries all over town.
Is Seattle Ready for a Major Earthquake?
An assessment of the preparation level of the Northwest's biggest city.
Seatac Airport Shuttles and Towncar Services
Using airport shuttle services like Shuttle Express or Town Car services, you can get to SeaTac Airport. If you prefer privacy and have a schedule to stick to, opt for a Town Car or limo. If you want to save money, look to shuttles.
SeaTac International Airport Overview
An overview of SeaTac Airport, including shops and restaurants, transportation options, and baggage claim.
Seattle Spring Festivals & Events
There is always something to do when the flowers start to bloom. Spring events and festivals in the Seattle area start in March with more events and festivals arriving in April, May and June. Some have been around for decades and others are new additions. Either way there is something for everyone.
Seattle’s Top 10 Irish Pubs
Seattle’s Top 10 Irish Pubs
A Night Out in Seattle Without Drinking
A guide to a fun night out in Seattle without drinks
Best Tacoma Hair Salons
The best Tacoma hair salons cater to those who want to be pampered, whether this means a fine haircut, hair color, updos, or even some luxurious spa treatments.
Disasters in Seattle
The biggest natural threats to Seattle may seem unlikely, but are still best to understand and prepare for.
Seattle and Tacoma Walmart Stores and...
You won't find Walmart stores in Seattle or Tacoma city limits, but you can find plenty of Walmart stores and supercenters in neighboring cities. Find locations and hours for all the stores in the Puget Sound region.
What to Know Before Getting a Motorcycle...
Find out how to get a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license. Find a program to learn to ride a motorcycle safely and find out what you need to know before you go (it's not as easy as you think).
Tacoma Neighborhoods and Districts
Tacoma is divided into several neighborhoods and districts, but also is close to several other towns such as Puyallup and Gig Harbor.
Top 10 Seattle Wine Bars
Seattle's best wine bars from Purple Cafe and Wine Bar to Smash and Phoenecia.
Tacoma Mall
Tacoma Mall has possibly the best shopping in Tacoma with a range of stores, departments stores, and restaurants.
Tacoma Restaurants
Find out the best Tacoma restaurants on the Waterfront, in downtown Tacoma, on 6th Avenue, and more.
The Gorge Amphitheatre
Details about The Gorge in George, including location, what kinds of shows take place here, best seats, camping options, and nearby hotels.
Best Tacoma Pizza Restaurants
The best Tacoma pizza ranges from delivery places to cute little sit-down restaurants, but the ultimate best is subjective as every pizza place has something unique to offer.
What's the Legal Drinking Age in Washington?
The Legal Drinking Age in Washington
Malls Near Tacoma
A list of malls near Tacoma and other South Sound cities, from Federal Way to Olympia.
Tacoma Antique Stores
Tacoma may not strike you as an antiques town, but there are clusters of amazing antique stores and great antique malls alike, sure to please almost anyone shopping for vintage items, collectibles, comics and more.
Seattle Events - May 2013
The best things to do in Seattle in May 2013, from Broadway shows to headliner concerts to Mariners games.
Mini Golf Courses in Seattle and Tacoma
Miniature golf is a great thing to do with the kids, for a fun date night, or with a group of friends. There are courses in and around both Seattle and Tacoma.
Tacoma Beaches
The best Tacoma beaches include Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park and Titlow Beach, but there are others located along lakes as well. Tacoma beaches may not be the first things that come to mind for things to do in a town situated along the Puget Sound, but they exist.
Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Seattle
The ten tallest buildings in Seattle, including Columbia Center (the tallest), Space Needle, Smith Tower and other skyscrapers that help make up the Seattle skyline.
Best Tacoma Hotels
The best Tacoma hotels are largely located in downtown Tacoma, but there are both upscale and cheap options in many parts of town. Where to stay varies largely on what part of town you'd most like to stay in, so follow this guide for your best bet.
What is the Population of Seattle?
Learn facts about Seattle and Tacoma's population as well as some key statistics about the area.
Best Seattle Bookstores
A list of some of the best book shops in Western Washington
Seattle Summer Camps
Summer camp programs in Seattle and other Puget Sound cities are a great way to keep your kids engaged during the summer. This list of some of the best summer camps has options for sports, arts, theater, dance camps, and more.
Point Defiance
Point Defiance is one of the best attractions in Tacoma Washington. Within this park, you will find the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Owen Beach, a number of hiking trails, and more.
Seattle Marriage Proposal Places and Ideas
Looking for idea and places to propose in the Seattle area? Find out some of the best and most romantic spots.
Six Great Seattle Happy Hours
Six Suggestions for your late afternoon drinks and snacks in Seattle
Movies Filmed in Tacoma
Several movies have been filmed in Tacoma and other South Sound cities.
Tacoma Parks
Most Tacoma parks are managed by Metroparks Tacoma and are great places to enjoy the view, have a BBQ, hang out at the beach, or even get a free Wi-Fi connection.
Seattle's Best Parks
A look at some of the best parks in the city of Seattle.
Seattle's Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill, Seattle's hippest, most dynamic neighborhood.
Washington State Marathon Calendar
A listing of major marathons throughout Washington State for Seattle-Tacoma runners looking for the best races and runs.
Seattle-Tacoma Timezone
Learn a little bit about which timezone Seattle, Tacoma and other Washington cities are in.
The Best Museums in the Puget Sound
A Look at the Best Museums in Seattle
Showbox at the Market - Showbox SoDo
Information about both Showbox venues, including things to do nearby, ticket information, and what kinds of events to expect at Showbox at the Market and Showbox SoDo.
Downtown Tacoma
Learn what to expect in downtown Tacoma from the best restaurants to museums and other attractions found in this up-and-coming part of town.
Seattle June Events
Find something to do in June. Seattle / Tacoma.
B&I Tacoma
The B&I Tacoma is a significant piece of T-Town's history, and was once known for its circus animals and rides and famous visitors. But today it gets little attention as the landmark it deserves to be.
Seattle Jobs at Fortune 500 Companies
There are several Fortune 500 companies located in Seattle, including Starbucks, Costco, Nordstrom, Weyerhaeuser, Microsoft and Amazon. These are great places to find employment with amazing benefits.
Emerald City ComiCon
Media and voice talent guests for Emerald City ComiCon 2013, as well as resources for how to get here, where to stay, restaurants nearby, and more.
6th Avenue Tacoma
Check out lively and fun 6th Avenue Tacoma, which is one of the best places in Tacoma if you want to enjoy a laid-back hangout or have a large selection of restaurants to try.
Seabrook Cottage Rentals
Tucked away on the Olympic Peninsula is a quaint beach town called Seabrook. When you arrive at Seabrook you step into a time when life was much simpler. The town is a wonderful place to reenergize and enjoy a family vacation with several amenities for kids and it’s just across the street from the Pacific Ocean.
Seattle and Tacoma Community Colleges
A list of community colleges in Seattle, Tacoma, and other Puget Sound cities.
Washington Lottery
Washington State's lottery games include multi-state games like Powerball and Mega Millions, as well as state-only games. Learn about how to play, what to do if you win, and more.
Waterfront in Tacoma
The Waterfront in Tacoma is a great place to stroll, cruise, or picnic at anytime of year. Due to the restaurants located along the shore, it is also one of the best places to dine.
What is the Seattle Freeze?
Is the Seattle Freeze real or just a myth?
Mountains of Washington State
Mountains of Washington State. Seattle / Tacoma.
Seattle Fireworks - Western Washington 4th of...
A list of July 4th celebrations and fireworks from Everett to Tacoma, and everything in between.
Proctor District Tacoma
Check out Proctor District in North Tacoma, which is a great place to find good restaurants, fun family events, and many everyday essentials.
Washington State History Museum
The history museum in Tacoma Washington is one of the area's best museums. It is a great place for children, but also interesting enough for adults.
EMP Museum
Details about Seattle's EMP Museum, including hours, address, exhibits, and some tips to find coupons and discounts to make admission cheaper.
Best Seattle-Tacoma Doughnuts
Seattle and Tacoma have a delicious lineup of local doughnut shops, from Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle to Legendary Doughnuts in Auburn and Tacoma.
Woodland Park Zoo vs. Point Defiance Zoo
The Seattle-Tacoma area has two zoos--Woodland Park Zoo and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. Find out the pros and cons and which one is best for your to visit.
Romantic Restaurants in Seattle and Tacoma
The very best places to find a romantic dinner in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or just special nights out.
North Tacoma Neighborhood Profile
Learn about everything from North Tacoma schools to restaurants and other highlights of this quiet but attractive part of Tacoma, Washington.
Memorials and Monuments in Seattle, Tacoma and...
A listing of the more major monuments and memorials in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia, including the Capitol Campus, War Memorial Park, Des Moines Memorial Drive and the UW campus in Seattle.
LeMay - America's Car Museum
LeMay - America's Car Museum in Tacoma features part of the biggest private car collection in the world, collected by Harold LeMay and his wife over several decades, as well as classic cars from other collections.
Tacoma Stadium District
Tacoma Stadium District is home to Stadium High School, restaurants, shops, salons, and also has some events to check out.
Mother's Day in the Seattle Area
Mother’s Day is right around the corner. On Sunday, May 10 Seattle area beauty shops, restaurants, spas and more will be offering specials for that lovely woman in your life.
The Best Movie Theaters in Seattle / Tacoma
Best Movie Theaters in Seattle. Seattle / Tacoma.
What to do in Seattle for Valentine's Day
The best things to do on Valentine's Day in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Learn your options from going out to dinner to the top romantic hotels to local parties.
How to Vote in Washington State
Learn all about how to vote in Washington State, whether you live in the state, overseas, are active military, or need special accommodations.
Washington Renaissance Fair
The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Fair is the largest festival of its type in the area and is located in Bonney Lake. Expect to see an array of performers, musicians, and merchants selling Celtic items, Renaissance clothing, and medieval items.
Seattle Colleges and Universities
A list of universities and colleges, both public and private, located between Everett and Olympia, Washington.
Tacoma Trails - Easy Hikes
The best Tacoma trails, hikes, and walking paths are located all over town. These trails are accessible to all and are easy and often beautiful places to walk.
Tacoma Farmers Markets
These markets are the best places to go for fresh produce, meats and seafood, flowers and entertainment. There are farmers markets located all over Tacoma and in nearby Puyallup.
How to Make Friends in Seattle
Do you find that the Seattle freeze is real in your experience? Get a few ideas on how to make friends in Seattle.
Tacoma Events - May 2014
What's happening in Tacoma in May 2014? Find out with this listing of events, concerts, shows and more.
Seattle & Tacoma Farmers' Markets
Seattle & Tacoma Farmers Markets
Free Tours Seattle
Free tours in Seattle and Tacoma are available to the public at museums, theatres, and even major attractions such as Pike Place Market.
What to do in Seattle for Oktoberfest –...
Find out what your options are for celebrating Oktoberfest in Seattle, Tacoma, and other Puget Sound cities.
University Place Washington
University Place WA is a largely residential city with a few cool things to do, nice places to live, and many shops, restaurants, and parks to enjoy.
Best Seattle Tea Rooms
A Guide to the Best Tea Rooms in the Seattle Area
Things to do at Seatac Airport
Got some time to kill at Sea-Tac International Airport? Find out what you can do to pass the time.
Old Town Tacoma
Learn about businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and things to do in Old Town Tacoma Washington.
Best Thrift Stores in Seattle
Seattle and thrift stores go together like peas in a pod. Find out which shops have the best deals and finds.
Seattle and Tacoma Haunted Houses
Cities from Seattle to Tacoma have frightful haunted houses just waiting to scare your socks off. From Fright Fest at Wild Waves to the KUBE 93 Haunted House to milder attractions for kids, haunted houses are an excellent thing to do for Halloween.
Seattle-Tacoma Car Sharing
Seattle's car sharing and short-term rental market is growing. So far, you can choose from Zipcar, Car2Go and peer-to-peer network RelayRides.
Tacoma's neighboring town of Puyallup is one of the top areas to live in the region due to lots of large homes for a good price built here in the last fifteen years. A profile of the schools, apartments, malls, will also demonstrate why it's so desirable.
Seattle Events - June 2014
A listing of the best events in Seattle in June 2014.
Cheney Stadium
Cheney Stadium is a baseball field home to AAA team, the Tacoma Rainiers. With a recent renovation, the park is now very cool, features lots of seating options, and fireworks throughout the season.
Amazon.com's Headquarters
Amazon.com's Headquarters. Seattle / Tacoma. Page 6.
San Juan Islands
San Juan Islands
Seattle For Kids - Summer Vacation Ideas
Ideas for things to do with kids in Seattle during summer vacation, ranging from summer camp suggestions to family attractions and other activities.
Lakewood Washington
Lakewood is both a neighboring town and suburb of Tacoma. There are both cheap and expensive homes and apartments here, schools, and lots of things to do for area residents.
Neptune Theatre Seattle
Information about Neptune Theatre Seattle, including where to find it, how to get there, what kinds of ticket options there are, and a bit about its history.
Niketown 1500 6th Ave.
Niketown. Seattle / Tacoma. Page 14.

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